Thursday, January 15, 2009

NEW: Tanks and Tees....

Here are a bunch of items I've released in the past week. They are all priced at only $50L each!

First we have the Skully Tees..they come in 6's a pic in Red.

Next we have the Leafy Tanks...they also come in 6's a pic in Purple.

Next I made 2 really fun Tee' is called Angel and one is called Devlish...for obvious reasons.

NEW: Tracksuits

Just put these out last night...Tracksuits...4 colors to choose from...2 tanks, shorts, capris and a zipped up Jacket.

And if you are in my update group you recieved a special edition....anyone who joins can IM me and I'll send them a copy. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm BACK!! has officially gone bye bye. So I'm back on blogspot which is just fine with me :) And boy do I have some posts to do! New Stuff New Stuff!!

Monday, December 03, 2007


Yes, it was about time....I went and got myself my own website. WewtWewt! Sooo from now on all my posts will be at

Sunday, November 18, 2007

NEW: Le Fleur Flexi Mid-length Top and Skirt

Just out is Le Fleur...I'm on a bit of a creative streak here. I made 4 variations...Rust, Azure, Grape and Merlot. Not sure which one if my fav...I think maybe I like them all. Here is a pic of the Merlot. Currently they are at my main store and a select few satellite locations. Check my picks for a tp. :) Enjoy!

NEW: Ginny Flexi Mini

Ginny comes in Azure, Olive, Rouge, Plum and Aqua.

Missing you.....

I've put this off....I've kept it to myself mostly....a week ago when everyone was posting condolenses I was still in shock and couldn't even put my brain together enough to post anything. My Puddin is gone... Ginny Talamasca is a huge name in SL....there isn't hardly a person who doesn't know about Ginny or Last Call/Dazzle....but to me Ginny was just Puddin. I met Ginny a little over 2 years ago, we were both setting up stores at a new mall and ran into each other. Ginny was so sweet, a new designer at the time and told me how much he liked my work, I was very flattered. He invited me to rent on his island Innamoramento, and I did...little did I know that was going to be the begining of a close friendship. Soon we were chatting almost everyday about this or that, exchanging lengthy phone calls and as the days flew by I watch Ginny become more and more talented. He always had such a gift for knowing what women want to wear. He was totally adorable, witty, goofy and very generous...and no matter how big Dazzle or Last Call was he was still humble....every snotty remark still got to him, and there were plenty....when you are that popular there are always people who want to bring you down. He was also very generous with his knowledge...he taught me ways to improve my designs when I was stuck or frustrated. He touched my SL and my RL. I will miss our late night gossip sessions and his drive by "<3>
I miss you Puddin!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

***1/2 OFF SALE***

I'm moving RL and I've also got some medical issues going on so I thought I'd have a 1/2 off SALE at my main location on Urantia to help ya'll save money and me raise money. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

NEW: Speckle Minis in 4 Colors

Forgot to post these releases before I left for vacation. Better late than never I guess! They are out at my main store on Urantia for now. Enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2007


That's right! I'm having a BOGO this weekend! It starts Friday night Midnight and runs through Monday night Midnight. SL time. How does it work you ask? Well, you buy as many items as you like then you create a notecard, with you name as the title, and put the names of the items you would like for free on the notecard and pass it to me. I will then look it over and pass you the free items. Simple huh! :) Also, Rufeena will be holding a BOGO at the same time....we are both located on the island of Urantia. These are HOME STORE locations ONLY. So stop on by and take advantage of the sale to get some great stuff!

2 NEW: Paisley and Bubblegum

Here are the pics :)